Health of man -
in the drop of Jodisis



“Jodis-concentrate” is the headmost product, created for the prophylaxis of illnesses connected with the deficit of iodine. The product gained a lot of patents and certificates in the countries of EU, Asia, Africa, and even in Canada and Australia. Also it appeared on the market and in the alimentary allowance almost of the half of population of the globe.

Nowadays the ecological situation becomes more and more dangerous for the human’s health. The “Jodis-concentrate” helps to keep a necessary balance of iodine in the organism, improves the immunity, restores the metabolism and very effectively takes the radiation out of the organism..

It is advisable to use it like a remedy for prophylaxis for people of any age. Proved: the product is effective and not dangerous. There is no analogous product in the world!

The system of direct sales protects the product from imitations and permits to all comers have not only the physical, but the financial health.