Solving the problem of iodine deficiency


Description Jodis-Concentrate Bath


To relax and feel the "breath of the sea" in urban conditions, it is enough to plunge into the pool or bath with the addition of "Jodis-Concentrate Bath". The adoption of such procedures is an invaluable help in the fight against injuries, abrasions, pain in muscles and joints from high physical exertion, with negative emotions, loss of strength, restless sleep, skin care.

Skin, together with hair and nails - is a very important component of the external appearance of a person and is a kind of our visiting card to the world.

Adverse factors, such as extreme temperature fluctuations, wind, air dryness and its contamination, prolonged exposure to direct heat sources adversely affect the skin condition.

By adopting an aqueous procedure with the addition of "JC Bath" we get an excellent healing effect: the skin becomes more elastic, elastic and resistant to UV rays.

And most importantly, that, penetrating through the pores, the active component of "JK Bath":

- strengthens the human immune system;

- struggling with the problems of the endocrine system;

- improves metabolism, restores non-functioning bronchial space, accelerates the renewal of the surface layer of the skin, improves circulation of blood in the capillaries;

- nourishes the skin cells with oxygen, strengthens connective tissues, relieves puffiness, soothes, rejuvenates;

- does not irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes and respiratory tract.

An integrated approach to normalize the iodine status of a person, including the use of "Jodis-Concentrate" inside, the use of baths (small pools) with the help of "JC Bath" and the use of the cream "Jodis Aktiderm" will provide you with the highest health effect, give an inexhaustible charge of vivacity, beauty and youth!