Solving the problem of iodine deficiency


Description of Biojodis


Without a doubt, every person, growing vegetables and fruits on his plot, wants them to be clean, tasty and useful.

Also, the main task of modern agricultural production is to obtain high-yielding eco-friendly products with a low production cost.

But in practice, everything turns out far from it. Achieve such indicators every year is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially, to reach the level of eco-products against the background of the general problem with the environment. There are many reasons: location, conditions, climate, as well as the well-known situation in which, for seedlings to "survive" before harvest, they must apply chemistry ...

Today there is an effective solution to this problem!

To all those who want to grow ecologically clean products on their land efficiently and with minimal expenses, we suggest introducing a unique technology Bioiodis in our farm.

Bioiodis technology is a complex use in the agricultural production of exceptionally pure biological preparations and organic fertilizers, the components of which are biotransformats, biohumus with a symbiotic set of fungi, bacteria, microelements made on the basis of biologically active iodine. There are no analogues in the world!

Thus, applying the technology Biojodis:
- there is no negative influence on the genetics of plants;

- Thanks to iodine activation, the natural protective mechanisms of plants are normalized not only from infection, but also from virtually all stresses and diseases;

- plants are less exposed to pests;

- the resistance of plants to freezing increases;

- plants become more resistant against air and soil drought, improve viability after wintering;

- field germination and seed germination energy are enhanced;

- a stronger root system is formed;

- the process of maturation is accelerated;

- improve the taste and quality of end products;

- the yield of all crops increases by 20-30% or more.


Technology "Biojodis" - guarantee of a high and environmentally friendly harvest!