Solving the problem of iodine deficiency


Description of anti-periodontitis toothpaste "JODIDENT"


Toothpaste against periodontitis «Jodident» is a joint development of German and Ukrainian scientists (the company «Eurobaltik», Germany and NPK «Jodis, Ukraine), which combines the best scientific achievements in the field of oral care. Designed specifically for oral hygiene, prevention and treatment of bleeding and inflammation of the gums.

Toothpaste against periodontitis "Jodident" contains a unique collection of herbal extracts and biologically active iodine in the form of "Jodis-Сoncentrate".

Iodine in the form of "Jodis-Сoncentrate" is a significant microelement and is widely used to prevent diseases of the mucous membrane, positively affects the flora of the mouth, strengthens the gums of the teeth.

The combination of extracts of chamomile, sage, echinacea, cramerium, anise, fennel and white oak provides a complex antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, firming and toning effect on the gums. Protects tissues from irritation, thereby stimulating their recovery. Prevent the formation of pathogenic bacteria, keeping the microflora of the oral cavity healthy.

Extracts of peppermint, pintail, cloves and sandalwood provide long-lasting freshness of breath, have a wide range of properties necessary for complex effects on the condition of the oral cavity.

Natural essential oils and extracts of medicinal plants care not only for the health of the gums, but also have a beneficial effect on the entire body.

Anti-periodontitis toothpaste «Jodident»:

- Helps reduce bleeding gums

- protects against bacteria

- reduces plaque formation

- cleans interdental spaces

- strengthens and nourishes the gums

- freshens breath

- helps prevent tooth decay

- strengthens enamel of teeth

- preserves the natural whiteness of the enamel