Solving the problem of iodine deficiency


Description "JODIS  ARTHRO Aktiv-Gel"


"JODIS ARTHRO Aktiv-Gel" is also developed by our German partners using the product "Jodis-Concentrate" and is an effective preventive tool for the care of muscle tissues and joints. The gel activates the blood supply, relieves fatigue and tension, relaxes muscles and joints after exercise, reduces swelling. It has a regenerating effect.

Extract of horse chestnut, which is part of the gel, has anti-inflammatory effect, increases the tone of the veins, relieves swelling and fatigue of the legs. A birch extract leads to improved metabolism, increased blood flow and relieve tension in the muscles. It also has an emollient and deodorant effect, is effective for removing excessive sweating of the feet.

Thus, thanks to a special gel formula, its active components penetrate deep into the skin, improve microcirculation and effectively help to cope with any discomfort in the muscles and joints, returning a pleasant feeling of lightness.

The result is particularly noticeable if the gel is applied immediately after the appearance of pain in the muscles or joints.

All components of the cream have a worldwide certification "INCI" - a full permission for use in cosmetology.

The product was tested by an independent firm "Dermatest" (Germany), which has state registration of products of cosmetology and nutrition. With the application of JODIS ARTHRO Aktiv-Gel, high positive results were obtained.

JODIS ARTHRO Aktiv-Gel fully meets all the requirements for cosmetology products and does not pose a threat to human health in its use, storage and transportation.