Solving the problem of iodine deficiency


Description "Jodis-Concentrate"


Everyone knows that for the full life of man, animal, poultry and even plants, many micronutrients, vitamins and other substances are needed.

Iodine is the only chemical element whose importance is determined by nature itself and the full life of people and all life is impossible without the constant maintenance of iodine status in the norm.

 It is the product "Jodis-Concentrate" that promotes the rapid restoration of iodine status in the body, with regular consumption is a reliable protection against iodine deficiency diseases, and also helps to get rid of existing health problems.

In order to prevent iodine deficiency in the body, "Jodis-Concentrate" is recommended to enter into its daily diet of nutrition, both for children and adults, regardless of age, pregnant and lactating women in accordance with WHO recommended daily norms.

Unique and PRINCIPLE distinction of "Jodis-Concentrate" from other iodine-containing products is the following:

  1. Ionic form of iodine is "native" for body cells, it is easily digested and does not create an excess of iodine.
  2. In water, iodine ions are combined with oxygen. This explains its biological activity and thermal stability.
  3. Water is used as the "transport" means to deliver iodine to the cell - the most natural and useful condition for our cells.

Simpler, better and more universal product can’t be!

To date, there are no analogues of "Jodis-Concentrate" in the world.


  • has antioxidant protection, membrane stabilizing, antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal properties;
  • a powerful radioprotector - neutralizes the effect of radiation and possible accumulation of radioactive iodine (consequences of the Chernobyl accident);
  • an excellent stressor (unfortunately, stress is an integral part of everyone's life, however, constant stress can cause hormonal imbalance);
  • interacts with any dietary supplements and medical products without their rejection;
  • Increases digestibility of vitamins and other trace elements by at least 30%;
  • has a high health effect on the entire body;
  • has a wide range of external applications.

With regular consumption of "Jodis-Concentrate":

  • iodine status is compensated and maintained in the body;
  • the thyroid gland and its functions are restored;
  • Immunity is strengthened, the body acquires resistance to infectious diseases;
  • the hormonal background is normalized;
  • cysts dissolve in the thyroid and mammary glands;
  • the potency is restored;
  • the phlegm forms from the bronchopulmonary system and the maxillary sinuses;
  • saline deposits dissolve;
  • improves the absorption of calcium, reduces hair loss and strengthens the structure of the nails;
  • the blood sugar level in diabetes mellitus is stabilized;
  • the functions of the gastrointestinal tract are normalized;
  • eliminates dysbiosis;
  • the level of hemoglobin in the blood increases, while the treatment with iron preparations gives only a modest result;
  • the regularity of the menstrual cycle is restored;
  • muscle pains in the legs and hands go away;
  • the somatic state improves significantly, the chronic fatigue syndrome recedes, memory and attention improve, the headache goes away, sleep normalizes.

Thus, "Jodis-Concentrate" is recommended for use in the manifestation of signs of iodine deficiency, such as: endocrine, immunodeficient, cardiac, anemic, edematous, bronchopulmonary, osteochondrosis, dermatological, gynecological, somatic, mental.

Human health - in a drop of JODIS!