Solving the problem of iodine deficiency


 Recommendations for Apply «Jodis-Concentrate + Se»


"JODIS-CONCENTRATE + Se" (JC + Se) is taken orally, by adding to the first courses, milk porridge, milk, yogurt, water, juices, tea, coffee, etc. Add immediately before use in individual dishes. Does not depend on food intake. The product is heat-stable.

It is best to take JC + Se with drinking water.

The water used for the enrichment of JC + Se must comply with the standard for drinking water (chlorinated water is not recommended).

Consumption of "Jodis-Concentrate + Se" according to the dosages indicated below, provides the human body with the necessary amount of iodine and selenium in accordance with the recommended daily norms of WHO.

Daily normalizing intake «JODIS-CONCENTRATE + Se»


Age group

Daily rate of JC + Se in ml

(use measuring cap)





Teens, adults


Pregnant, nursing mothers



INTERACTION WITH MEDICINAL PRODUCTS: Due to its properties it interacts with traditional preparations without rejection, has versatility of application, a good natural stabilizer, increases the effectiveness of the drugs taken.

SIDE EFFECTS: Not identified. Does not cause hyperthyroidism.