Solving the problem of iodine deficiency



Scientists and physicians assert that the pollution of the body by parasites has a harmful effect on the health and well-being of a person and is the cause of various kinds of serious diseases. Can "Jodis-Concentrate" help get rid of worms and all sorts of other mucks?

Helminthiasis is a serious problem and according to statistics a person has 9 chances out of 10 to get infected with parasites. This means that none of us insured of this problem: adults, or children, men or women, rich or poor.

If unwanted guests have already "settled" in the human body, then "Jodis-Concentrate" can’t destroy them. However, with its regular consumption, the following happens:

When iodine status has restored, the immune system is significantly strengthened, which blocks the ingestion of various parasites and microbes into the human body.

When the iodine status of a person is normal, the body creates a certain environment in which any parasite becomes very "not comfortable" to live and develop and they are forced to leave.

Thus, in this issue, "Jodis-Concentrate" is an indispensable assistant and, with its regular consumption, is really an effective way to protect against parasites and the development of helminthic diseases.