Solving the problem of iodine deficiency



The doctor diagnosed that my thyroid gland is doesn’t work well. I have been taking hormones for two years. I do not want to it anymore... Can "Jodis-Concentrate" help me in this situation?

As a rule, hormones are prescribed when the thyroid cannot function normally. If you constantly take hormones, it is unlikely that it will start working, since it has already been "retired."

The products "Jodis-Concentrate" and "Jodis-Concentrate + Se" have the ability to wake up the "sleeping beauty" and bring it back to life, however you need to have patience.

Start taking "Jodis-Concentrate" with 3-5 drops a day, increasing by drop for 2 weeks. Observe your condition. Then, 0.5 tsp for another 2 weeks, reducing the number of hormonal drugs intake by 10-20%. Thus, gradually increase the dosage of "JC", gradually reduce the dosage of hormones to a comfortable state for you. There are quite a lot of results, when people completely left from the reception of hormones, and the thyroid gland began to function. We sincerely wish you to receive the positive result! Tell, please, your doctor about "Jodis-Concentrate")).