Solving the problem of iodine deficiency



How does "Jodis-Concentrate" differ from iodized salt?

Iodization of salt is the first world practice in an attempt to solve the problem of iodine deficiency and should be treated with respect. however today we already know that along with the positive benefits from consumption of such a product there are objectively negative facts.

The fact is that for iodizing salt is used one of four inorganic compounds of iodine - potassium iodide (or sodium) or potassium iodate (sodium). In such compounds, iodine is not heat-stable and rapidly volatilizes, also when the salt is stored incorrectly, iodine rapidly evaporates. The person at the same time thinks that he or she gets the necessary norm of iodine, which is false.

Even if it is correct to store iodized salt and add it only in cold and warm dishes, it is not possible to provide our body with the necessary daily rate.

Also, according to doctors, prolonged consumption of iodized salt can lead to such a disease as iodine-induced hyperthyroidism (IIH). The reason is the use of the same "imperfect" iodine compounds.

And more, salt intake is contraindicated in such diseases as hypertension, kidney disease and many others. etc., while it is extremely necessary to restore and maintain iodine status in the body.

                The most organic for living nature is the combination of "iodine-water" - the only correct and persistent compound, which confirms the chemical composition of the world's oceans. Scientists concluded that it is very important in preventive measures to "adjust" the body to iodine intake. It is the combination of water and iodine that allows the body to regulate the amount of iodine consumed without accumulating and removing surpluses.

"Jodis-Concentrate" is a product based on natural mineral water and its subsequent treatment with ions of biologically active iodine. The use of "Jodis-Concentrate" is safe for human health and fully solves the problem of iodine deficiency.