Solving the problem of iodine deficiency



Cooking and preservingе

When using "Jodis-Concentrate" during cooking, taste and other organoleptic parameters of the final product are improved, and the shelf life of cooked meals is significantly extended.

Add "Jodis-Concentrate" everywhere: in minced meat, dough, pancakes, omelet in the first, second and third dishes at the rate of 1 tbsp. "JC" for 1 liter. liquid or 0.5 kg. weight.

As a tumbler (for example, instead of soda, extinguished with vinegar) use 2 tbsp. "JC".

With home canning, the application of "Jodis-Concentrate" also improves the taste, color and smell of the contents of the jar. Such conservation is stored for a long time and should not be worried that banks can "explode")).

Enjoy and enjoy your culinary masterpieces!