Solving the problem of iodine deficiency



Home First-Aid

- "Jodis-Concentrate" (1 cap 70mkg / dm3 or 2 capsules 40mg / dm3 + 0.5 cup warm-hot water + 7-10 drops of lemon juice) works as a natural antibiotic for all colds and viral diseases. In parallel, we dig in the nose, rinse and water the throat.

- Purulent angina is treated within three days. Eliminates frontal sinusitis, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, herpes and many others. other

- Bronchitis, inflammation of the lungs is successfully cured in two days by electrophoresis with the application of JC.

- JC perfectly removes sunburn. To prevent this, it is advisable to periodically apply "Jodis-Concentrate" to open areas of the body during the period of sun exposure. JC very effective with thermal burns.

- "Jodis-Concentrate" well removes toothache.

- When rinsing the mouth with "Jodis-Concentrate" symptoms of periodontitis, bleeding of the gums disappear, dental stones do not form.

- By digesting "Jodis-Concentrate" eyes, you can quickly remove fatigue, inflammation, tearfulness, a feeling of "sand" and "bunnies" after welding.

- "Jodis-Concentrate" helps to improve eyesight and even helps to remove glasses with age-long farsightedness.

- When rubbing "Jodis-Concentrate" places after a bite of mosquitoes and bees, itching is gone, there are no swelling and blisters.

- Also, an effective result is seen in the treatment of decubitus.

- With any wound on the body of "Jodis-Concentrate" - an indispensable first aid! Has a hemostatic and powerful wound-healing effect. It also helps with bruises and bruises - an effective dissolving effect.

- Compress from "Jodis-Concentrate" will help the sick joints.

- When food poisoning 50-100 ml of "Jodis-Concentrate" helps to quickly remove intoxication in the body. The intake of this dosage can be repeated several times (every 1-2 hours), depending on the degree of poisoning to the complete normalization of the human condition.

- In a shock dose (100-200 ml), "Jodis-Concentrate" helps to remove the hangover syndrome within 10 minutes.