Solving the problem of iodine deficiency


«Jodis-Concentrate» in plant growing

The main task of modern agricultural production is to obtain high-yielding ecologically clean products with a low production cost.

It's no secret that the yield of agricultural plants in the practice of modern cropping depends almost 50-70% on the use of chemical plant protection products and the introduction of mineral fertilizers, and when growing greenhouse plants, even more. Naturally, getting products grown in this way does not have to count on its usefulness, the balance of vitamins and nutrients, and most importantly its ecological purity.

Therefore, when buying food, we are no longer surprised that a beautiful, ruddy apple, which without a refrigerator can be stored for a long time, tastes like a taste of grass, or that the bought potatoes, no matter how long they cook, is not boiled and tasted it reminds soap.

These facts and many other things are the consequence of the chaotic application of chemistry in the cultivation of agricultural plants. Moreover, often such products are harmful and carcinogenic for the human body.

Further along the chain - by feeding farm animals with fodder from such products, we get as a result the same poor-quality meat, milk and other food products of animal origin.

Consuming unbalanced foodstuffs, mankind condemns itself to weakening immunity, a tendency to diseases and other consequences that result from this.

Now in Western countries it is fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle, the main focus of which is the consumption of organic food. For example, agricultural products grown without pesticides and mineral fertilizers cost four times as much as the equivalent, only grown with the use of agricultural chemistry. And the demand for it is much higher than the supply.


The "BIOJODIS" technology is a complex use in agricultural production of preparations and organic fertilizers, the components of which are biotransformats, biohumus with a symbiotic set of fungi, bacteria, microelements made on the basis of biologically active iodine.

The "BIOJODIS" technology provides for the application of these components in the form of aqueous solutions, they process seeds before sowing or spray plants during their growing season. And this technology can be used together with pesticides.

Therefore, the application of the "BIOJODIS" technology gives in practice stable positive results on all cultivated plants and significantly improves the quality of agricultural products.
The main thing in the life of plants is the normal conditions of nutrition and climate. If the plant receives in sufficient quantities all the microelements and vitamins necessary for development, in order to obtain optimum productivity, it does not need to be stimulated or regulated. This task is solved by the technology " BIOJODIS".

Classical application of the complex - pre-sowing seed treatment and two-three-hour spraying of vegetative mass of plants. In addition, technological regulations are not violated when growing agricultural plants.


- we deal exclusively with environmentally friendly preparations and fertilizers;
- there is no influence on the genetics of plants;
- there is no need to change existing agrotechnical measures;
- economically and more rationally used fuel and lubricants and chemical means of protection;
- field germination and seed germination energy increase;
- the tillering of cereal crops is enhanced;
- the number of productive stems and grains in the ear grows, the grain becomes more convex.

Qualitative indicators of production as a whole improve:

- cereals - gluten and protein;
- in sugar beet - sugar content, the volume of root crops;
- in potatoes - the volume of tubers, the content of starch;
- for 10-15 days the ripening of the crop is accelerated (for some crops this enables two crops to be harvested per year).

Economic indicators with the application of the "BIOUDIS" technology are high: the seeding rates are reduced to 10-30%, the rate of application of herbicides is reduced to 30%, the application of the fungicidal group of preparations is reduced, the yield of cereals is increased by 20-30% or more.

To obtain a 100% effect when applying the technology "BIOUDIS" it is necessary to produce all three stages of work.

The technological complex is certified and regularly monitored by an independent international organization "SKALINTERNATIONAL", it consists of 100% natural organic raw materials. It has a full basis for the production of environmentally friendly agricultural products.