Solving the problem of iodine deficiency



Chuprunov Victor Mikhailovich

the chief doctor of the Central City Hospital, a doctor of the highest category

Dzerzhinsk, Ukraine


In the 21st century, the population of Ukraine suffers from many diseases due to the fact that it lives in a very "sick world", so to speak. Medicine against these diseases is sometimes powerless and untenable. Every year the pharmaceutical industry produces tens of thousands of tons of various medications that the ill nation conscientiously consumes. Family financial costs of medicines have become commensurate with the cost of food.

We underestimate and do not pay enough attention to the problem of iodine deficiency. But after all, iodine should enter the body in small but sufficient amounts, constantly and throughout life, and must be recognized as an integral part of the daily diet.

Iodine, contained in pharmaceuticals and iodized salt, is found in various chemical compounds that are practically not digested and poorly excreted from the body. To solve the problem of iodine deficiency, it does not fit.

An effective, unique and absolutely safe product that solves this problem is mineral water saturated with biologically active thermostable iodine of high concentration, which has the proprietary name "Jodis-Concentrate". Its peculiarity is that this concentrated aqueous solution of polyhydric iodine cations, without a characteristic odor, easily passes through the cell membrane, and the excess, without being delayed, is excreted from the body. The method and technology to produce "Jodis-Concentrate" are protected by an international patent. There are no analogues of "Jodis-Concentrate" in the world.

I, I am the head of the practical healthcare of a small mining town of Dzerzhinsk with a population of 75,000. We, 4 years ago, became one of the first practical public health services that took Jodis-K products for their armament and began to study, use in hospitals and receive very effective results among our patients.

We have very encouraging results in surgical, obstetrical-gynecological and endocrinological practice, in the prevention of inflammatory diseases, ENT practice, ophthalmic, therapeutic, in HIV-infected patients, and this list can be continued for a long time. We also have excellent positive results of the application of "Jodis-Concentrate" in children's practice.

The conclusion is unequivocal: "Jodis-Concentrate" should be used in daily use by adults and children of various ages for the purpose of preventing and correcting cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases, blood diseases, and basic metabolism in a positive way. In order to strengthen the immune system, restore metabolism and effectively remove radiation from the body.

Dear medical colleagues! Pay attention to "Jodis-Concentrate". And let it be the most important help in the prescribed treatment regimens for our patients and a preventive remedy for others.

"Jodis-Concentrate" successfully solves the problem of preventing iodine deficiency, which is vitally important for Ukraine and the world.