Solving the problem of iodine deficiency



Balandina Ekaterina Kirillovna


Moscow, Russia

"We do not have disease, but there is a temporary wandering in the darkness of our own delusions and accumulations." With this phrase I want to note the fact that not everyone is able to take care of one's health. But today all of us living in this very difficult time need to analyze the state of their body in order to take the necessary measures at the time.
As a researcher and consultant doctor with 50 years of experience, I want to note that the main cause of deterioration in the health status of the population is the general depression of immune protection, the change of immunopathological (in tissues, in organs) processes. They are oppressed, blocked, changed. Isolated and isolated protective mechanisms, which are regulated by the central immune organ - thymus. Tissue, cellular, molecular and sub molecular local reactions are replacing them. They are little studied, but very clearly manifested in children and adults. In this system of molecular aspects, a certain place and one of the central links of protection is iodine, on which the state of the whole organism depends. 

I study the cells of the body, I detect the presence of toxic and other metabolic products under the microscope. In this case, in the cells are identified such fat deposits, which destroy the cell. This condition is associated with a different degree of intoxication poisoning, which is a satellite of poor health and is called "cholestericosis." No matter how many patients I have observed, and no matter how many types of cell damage have been detected, one thing remains invariable: if toxins from the cell do not go out, then no drugs, no intravenous solutions will save the body from bad health.

For 20 years in practical work to eliminate endogenous intoxication, I used ordinary iodine, which is different and burns. As a rule, people are afraid to use it, but, according to the positive effect that my recommendations on the use of ordinary iodine for wounds give, they drank it as blue iodine, drank with milk, rubbed into the skin, added to the bath.

But today all this has come to an end!

Acquainted with the amazing product "Jodis-Concentrate", I was completely delighted. For the first time I observed such an amazing effect on the morphological preparations: on the glass under the microscope the cells instantly became clean!!! I can safely say that among the medical preparations and food additives known to this day, there has not yet been a product that would bring cells to a clean state so quickly.

And today I'm sure that "Jodis-Concentrate" is given to us as a chance to restore and restore the lost health of cells.

I advise all people to take "Jodis-Concentrate" according to their individual scheme, add to food, drink and monitor their bodies, analyze what and how you are doing. And the sooner you start to do it, the better!

"Jodis-Concentrate" is not a medicine. This is the essence of health.

I also want to turn to my colleagues. Dear doctors, down with skepticism! Pay attention to "Jodis- Concentrate". And let it be the main detoxifier for all kinds of endocrine administration.

It's naive to think that "Jodis-Concentrate" will become a panacea for all troubles. Of course not! But it is this product, which is just food for every cell of the human body, will really help people to restore and maintain their health.