Solving the problem of iodine deficiency


«Jodis-Concentrate» in the food industry  

Everyone would like to see on his table delicious and useful products of high quality. And I really want to believe that food producers set the same task.

You can achieve this if you produce products using "Jodis-Concentrate". Thanks to its properties:

- eliminates the need to use a variety of preservatives and stabilizers;

- all organo-liptic indices of the final product are improved;

- the shelf life is guaranteed.

Along with this, the application of "Jodis-Concentrate" will allow to balance the content of iodine in food products and, thereby, provide the population with a sufficient amount of this trace element.

Expert studies conducted at the Institute of Ecological Hygiene and Toxicology named after L.I. Medved and the Institute of Endocrinology and Metabolism.

V.P. Komisarenko testifies to the possibility, with the help of food products of the brand "Jodis", to influence the provision of the human body with an element such as iodine.

This is a simple and highly effective method that allows for accurate correction of iodine deficiency disorders without causing side effects.

In addition, the quality of such foods will greatly improve.

"Jodis-Concentrate" is recommended for use in the food industry for the enrichment of iodine with water, bakery products, meat, dairy and fermented milk products and the preparation of any other food where the binding ingredient is based on water. With the addition of "JC", the production technology does not change.

Confirmed by the conclusion of the Institute of Endocrinology and a metabolism named after V.P. Komissarenko of AMS of Ukraine.

"Jodis-Concentrate" is recommended for children of school age in order to prevent iodine deficiency.

Confirmed by the conclusion of a sanitary-epidemiological examination Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Department of Food Hygiene National Medical University named after А.А. Bogomolets.

To date, there are already "first swallows" of iodized food products using "Jodis-Concentrate".


Recipe "Bread and bread wheat-rye and rye-wheat" Jodis ", according to GOST 28807-90
Manufactured according to the technological instruction TIU 00389676.1251-2000 RCU 00389676.1251-2000

Recipe "Wheat bread" Jodis ", recipe" Bread with bran "Jodis", according to GOST 28809-90
Manufactured according to the technological instruction TIU 00389676.1250-2000 RCU 00389676.1250-2000

Recipe for "Jodis" braid, "Jodis Bun" recipe, "Jodis Bagels" recipe, according to GOST 28809-90
Manufactured according to the technological instruction TIU 00389676.1246-2000 RCU 00389676.1246-2000

Recipe "Baking poppy" Jodis ", recipe" Baking twisted "Jodis", according to GOST 28620-90
Manufactured according to the technological instruction TIU 00389676.1247-2000 RCU RCU 00389676.1247-200

Bakery products "Jodis" provide an opportunity to prevent iodine deficiency:

  • Consumption of bread enriched with iodine is well tolerated in different age groups; no side effects were found.
  • All persons who were part of the experimental groups, noted the high taste properties of this product.
  • It is recommended to include this product in the diet of both healthy individuals and in the composition of appropriate diets with different somatic pathologies.
  • Introduction "JC" in the traditionally existing recipes of bakery products makes it possible to carry out preventive measures that prevent iodine deficiency in any region.

In the end result, the consumer remains satisfied with the improved properties of the final product, and the producer, with a slight increase in the cost of production, enters the market with a new product of the highest quality category.


In the Republic of Belarus today, a wide program for the production of various dairy products with the use of "Jodis-Concentrate" is being implemented. At the same time, the technology of production does not change, but the biological activity of iodine and its safety are guaranteed and the terms of sale of products are actually prolonged. The cost of iodizing dairy products is lower in comparison with known technologies and produced according to the technological instruction and technical specifications. Dairy products are also iodized in Ukraine.


Manufacturer: Ukraine

Milk cow pasteurized iodized "Jodis", TU U 15.5 - 30631018-002-2002

Yogurt iodized "Jodis", TU U 15.5 - 30631018-005-2002

Kefir iodized "Jodis", TU U 15.5 - 30631018-003-2002

 Manufacturer: Russia


Milk cow pasteurized iodized "Jodis", TU TURB 100136976.007-2001

 Manufacturer: Republic of Belarus

KutPP "Concern" Brestmysomolprom "JSC" Brest Dairy Plant"

Milk cow pasteurized iodiselen containing "Jodic-S", TU RB 100136976.007-2001

Kefir iodiselen containing "Jodis-S", TU RB 100136976.009-2001

PKP Olmar, Republic of Belarus

Milk cow pasteurized iodized "Jodis", TU RB 100136976.007-2001

"Concern" Brestmysomolprom "JSC" Pinsk Dairy Plant "

Kefir iodized "Jodis", TU RB 100136976.009-2001



The production of iodinated water and beverages is certified in many countries of the world, as evidenced by the certificates of conformity: Ukraine UA1 / 003 / X0555400; Russian Federation POCCUA / A.Y78 A04742; Republic of Belarus # 08-33-0.118955; Greece # 210 / 21-3-2000; Hungary 132/2000 OETI; Of Lithuania LS0650; HEM-3546-5.2.01-3427.

In Hungary, at the government level, support has been provided for a program to "prevent iodine deficiency in preschool and school age children." In a number of schools, a product based on "JC", called "Yodikum", is used to feed schoolchildren in place of known various beverages of mass consumption.

This was the reason for improving the performance of children and reducing thyroid diseases. In Debrecen, where iodine deficiency experienced almost 100% of the population, the issue of preventive consumption of iodine was resolved. In 2005, Iodikum was awarded a gold medal at the World Food Exhibition in Paris.


Manufacturer: Ukraine

Private enterprise "Prahova", Donetsk

Drinking water, purified, ozonated, iodized "Jodis-Crimea", TU U 15.9-30631018-004-2002

LLC "Santim", Kiev
Drinking water, iodized "Jodis-Etalon" (5 liters, 18.9 liters), TU U 30221311.001-99

IPC "Yark-Kiev", Kiev
Water treatment and dining, non-carbonated and carbonated iodized "Jodis" (0.5 liters, 1.5 liters, 2.0 liters, 5.0 liters), TU U 14326060.002-98

KP "Lutsk plant of soft drinks" Dana ", Lutsk
Drinking purified water, non-carbonated "Jodis-Lazurnaya", TU U 15.9-20135736-002-2003