Solving the problem of iodine deficiency


How to use "Jodis-Concentrate"


"Jodis-Concentrate" (JC) is taken orally, by adding to the first courses, milk porridge, milk, yogurt, water, juices, tea, coffee, etc. Add immediately before use in individual dishes. Does not depend on food intake. The product is heat-stable.

It is best to take the YC with drinking water (daily norm of iodine + daily rate of drinking water).

The water used to enrich the boiler must comply with the standard for drinking water (categorically not use chlorinated water).

The daily normalizing dose "Jodis-Concentrate" in ml.

Age group

The minimum daily human need for iodine

(ICG) (WHO recommendation)

Daily rate of "JC" in mg in the center

70 mg/dm3

(use measuring cap)

Daily rate of "JC" in mg in the center

40 mg / dm3

(use measuring cap)

For babies (baths)


Baths at the rate of 7.5 ml per 10 liters. water

Baths at the rate of 12.5 ml per 10 liters. water



1,5 ml

2,5 ml



2,0 ml

3,5 ml (1ml + 2,5ml)

Teens, adults


2,5 ml

5 ml

Pregnant, nursing mothers


3,5 ml

6 ml (1 ml + 5 ml)

     The recommended
norms of daily iodine intake provide the maximum permissible, safe rate up to 1000 μg per day. (Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality Control, Volume 1. WHO, Geneva, 1994)

The product is recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for use by children of school age in order to prevent iodine deficiency (Supplement to the Opinion of Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise # 05.03.02-06 / 49526 dated 1/11/2005).

Crimean Republican Scientific Research Institute of Physical Methods of Treatment and Medical Climatology. Sechenov recommends the use of the outer skin in the form of rinses, baths, applications and other physiotherapy procedures (according to the methods).

SIDE EFFECTS: Not identified. An overdose of biologically active iodine is impossible. Does not cause hyperthyroidism.